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Travel guide  Caribbean

Caribbean - apartfromtherest - Travel Guide
An Introduction to Caribbean

The Caribbean is a collective of sub-tropical Islands in the Caribbean Sea located directly south from the Gulf of Mexico and North America. The Caribbean is also known as the West Indies, consisting of 27 countries, the most famous of which are Cuba, Jamaica, the Bahamas and Barbados. This tropical sundrenched paradise is synonymous with white sandy coastlines, azure blue waters, Reggae music and a laid-back mentality, which compliments that of holidaymakers who flock to this region to relax and unwind. With a huge variation of holiday home/apartments becoming available to rent, many choose this option for increased flexibility.




Caribbean Beach




A Jamaican Beach

Places in Caribbean
The population of the Caribbean is believed to be around the 40 million-mark spread over hundreds of tropical island paradises with various terrains and climates. Islands like Aruba, Antigua, Barbados, the Cayman Islands and Bonaire have volcanic activity, while other destinations such as Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Montserrat, Trinidad Tobago, Saba, Saint Kitts, Grenada, Saint Vincent, Saint Lucia and Guadeloupe have rugged mountain terrains and landscapes.

Cuba is the largest country in the Caribbean and the most populous with 11 million inhabitants, spread over several archipelagos. The capital of Cuba is Havana, with Santiago de Cuba being the second largest city. This historical island is famous for its leader Fidel Castro, Communism and the large cigars, which have become Cuba’s biggest export.





The Streets of Cuba

Over 20 million tourists visit the Caribbean each year to enjoy the fabulous beaches, the laid-back mentality and to relax in the sundrenched paradise. Although Cuba, Jamaica, the Bahamas and Barbados are the most visited destinations, the Dominican Republic has become a firm favorite with holidaymakers over the past decade.



Caribbean Snorkelling

Things to do in Caribbean
Diving and snorkelling are mainstays of the Caribbean tourist industry, with hundreds of atolls and coral reefs that include the Blue Hole, Lighthouse Reef Atoll in Belize, Walker s Cay at Nassau in the Bahamas, Green Outhouse Wall at Honduras and Bloody Bay Wall at Little Cayman. The waters and coral reefs of the West Indies continue to attract divers from all over the world and this is a good place to begin a Dive Instructor Course such as PADI, because the prices are much cheaper than the United States of America or Europe.


A trip to the Caribbean would not be the same without visiting the birthplace of Bob Marley, Jamaica. Famous beach destinations in Jamaica include Montego Bay and Negril Bay. The famous capital Kingston can be dangerous if you dont know your way around the city, so be careful.

When to go to the Caribbean and Weather

The beauty of the Caribbean climate is that the perpetual summertime conditions make the region easy to visit for most of the year. It would be advised to stay away during the monsoon months of May to July, but the rest of the year is ideal holiday conditions, especially in February.

Useful Information

The currency issues of the Caribbean can be quite confusing, because there are so many separate countries that have their own currencies and cultural identities, so bringing along the credit card could be important if visiting several of the islands in one holiday.

Although the Caribbean people are very laid back and courteous towards guests, it is advised that you keep to the major tourist regions if not accompanied by a guide. The locals are generally poor people and crime rates in some areas rather high, especially in Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, so use common sense at all times.



Caribbean Music

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