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Holiday Themes - French Villas

It is true that there are probably hundreds of hotels in France but if you are looking for seclusion and value for money, you should check out the French villas. There is no better place to spend your vacation than a holiday gite where you do not have to worry about your privacy getting disturbed. Situated in various convenient locations throughout France, the villas within France are often aesthetic to the eye and you will find most of the facilities and amenities that you need in these often excellent rental properties.
If you are looking for a villa where the staff working there would cater to all your needs and requirements, you can rent a catered villa for your French villa holiday. Of course, the catered French villas cost more but you might want to splurge. If you are looking for a less expensive villa, go self catering, usually very reasonably priced. France gites have a great price range and when sharing between groups the costs are often even lower than a budget hotel.
Tourists love gites rental because these properties are presented to be like their home away from home. Those who wish to stay in France for a longer period of time will benefit by renting a villa because the cost of staying in a hotel will exceed the cost of renting a property. The villas can be rented for several weeks and months. Most people who are looking to rent French villas wish to stay away from the hustling and bustling of city life. As such, you will find many beautiful villas in the countryside.
One great place where you will find beautiful French villas is Montmartre. Once you stay in this area, you will know why many famous artists chose to create their studios there. The place is beautiful and the hills are simply amazing. You can also consider renting a villa in Brittany. Renting a place to stay here would allow you to explore the Neolithic sites and the rugged coast. Well known for world class seafood, pretty little villages that infest the coves and beaches and rolling hills in Brittany that you can explore.
You can also consider the French Villas in Provence. Most of the gites rentals in this area are surrounded by hills and you will find many the highest peaks of the Maritime Alps in this part of the country too. Once you arrive in Provence, you can sit back and simply relax. You can climb the mountains or take pleasure in the wonderful authentic French cuisine during your French villa vacation.
There are also many luxury villas in the French Riviera, i.e. on the Cote d’Azur. Most of the tourists prefer this region because there is sun, sand and water. In very simple words, renting a villa in the French Riviera can give you the best vacation of your life. Cote d’Azur is also referred to as a French paradise and you can consider checking out the French villas near Monte Carlo, Nice and Cannes. When you rent a property in this area you can indulge yourself in food, wine, jazz and film to name but a few. Are you looking for a place where your villa is in a place that not many tourists are aware of? Perhaps you would like to consider renting a property in Dordogne. You will find breathtaking châteaux, farms, vineyards and river valleys in Dordogne.
Tourists traveling in a large group often consider renting French villas because this kind of accommodation is perfect for a larger group. Those who are looking for a place to spend their honeymoon will be enchanted by the smaller beautiful villas that the country has to offer. There is no better place on earth for honeymooners to spend their time than in a countryside villa in France.
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